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Thread: Android or IOS?

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    General Re: Android or IOS?

    I was an Android user first then I switched to iOS in 2014. Since then it has been iOS for me. I tried using Android in OnePlus One & it was good for media consumption but as soon as I started using it by inserting a SIM it became weird. Its user interface seemed counter intuitive & less responsive to touches. Auto brightness wouldn't work, can't see anything in direct sunlight, keypress felt awkward although swipe feature is good, while in iOS every feature works as intended. Music playback, bluetooth device media synchronisation, podcasts, the control centre, etc. all are excellent features of iOS & also apps feel more premium. I miss the back button in iPhone but its offset by the very useful left swipe feature supported in most apps.

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    General Re: Android or IOS?

    iPhone is fine for ppl who don't care about technicalities, and have very few expectations from their phone (should have good camera, should be stylish and can run apps). If a person wants anything above than that, iPhone fails and android comes in.
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    General Re: Android or IOS?

    Just my two cents...

    I prefer Android for phones and Apple for tablets.

    The iPad is by far the best tablet experience on the planet. Everyone in my family has their own iPad.

    For phones I have an S7 Edge and an iPhone 6S, and it's no contest as far as I'm concerned... I find Android easy to use, and also way more tweak-able to my tastes. The iPhone is a one-size fits all, and it's OS is boring and stuck in the past, and not worth the kind of money they demand.
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    General Re: Android or IOS?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
    From a developer standpoint, android is open, you can develop on any machine, be it windows, linux or mac.. there are tonnes of resources availabel and getting into development has a meager refundable fee of 25$..

    IOS is much more closed but the OS coding is very simple compared to android. For example, if i want to make a simple listview in android, you have to make a adapter.. which is a ****ing 150 line code then apply that adapter to the listview..

    I got into native android dev, but the coding pattern is really cumbersome and it feels less intuitive.. THe end result does look good, ill give it that...

    IOS on the otherhand is so much more simpler but the downside is, you cannot customize said listview, you have to choose from default implementations, which should satisfy you in most of the cases..

    if u have to make a customized version, you have to do it from the scratch, but on an average, you do not need to make customized versions of things you use frequently..

    IOS requires a mac to compile, even in unity u cant export to IOS without a mac.. and the developer fee is greater, but its offset by the significantly more income in appstore because most ios users actually pay for apps

    OP is asking about general buying conscience and you are talking about developer stand point But, the scene has improved much now though!! For example, listview has evolved in to recycler view which allows insane amount of customizations you can do with it!!
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