Hi Guys,

I have read on the internet regarding fast charging hurting the battery. I am okay if the phone takes its time to charge if it helps the battery. I have few queries-
1. To slow charge a Galaxy or a Moto G series, do we have to turn off fast/turbo charging from the settings and then charge via the charger that came with the phone(the so called fast/turbo charger) or should we use a charger from an old phone say SIII etc.?
2. How to measure battery cycles? Any credible app for the same?
3. Of the little what I have understood from various websites is to charge the battery when it is between 20-40% to 80-90% if you want to have a good battery life. I used to do the complete opposite charge, when the battery is at say 6-7% and charge it till it is maxed. I do the same for my laptop. Is this info correct?
4. Any other tip/advice for the battery?