ICS vs Ginger Bread ICS vs Ginger Bread

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Thread: ICS vs Ginger Bread

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    General ICS vs Ginger Bread

    Hii all,
    I am am starting this thread to discuss how u(those who have updated there devices to ics) found ics in comparision to gb(ginger bread).
    I have flashed my s2 using odin and the official samsung ics update. And frankly after using it for about 3-4days(though hadn't got much time to experiment with it) haven't found it living to the hype except for some addond like now I can use chrome browser and the battery life has improved . But their are probs. that are irritating as well
    To begin with my wifi dosent starts eveytime I switch it on some times it gets hanged and some times it causes the device to hang and I have to reboot it and from the past 2 days it is happening more often.
    In the camera mod I am not able to find the icon for using the front camera(would do some research on it to find out where it is as right now I am travelling ) so please share your views... I will post more updates about the probs or advantages as soon as I get time to experiment more with it.
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    General Re: ICS vs Ginger Bread

    Its just in the starting stages. more like windows 7 (GB) vs Windows 8 (ICS). People are used to GB. And untill and unless all the bugs are not fixed, it will not be a pleasant experience to use ICS. But with time, things will fall in the right place and ICS will go mainstream.

    Till then, be helpful and post feedback for the roms to developers.
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    General Re: ICS vs Ginger Bread

    samsung ICS is buggy compared to GB. many reports have already confirmed this and samsung got heavy criticism for this.

    for a detailed comparison on whats new on ICS, check this small preview by me: [PREVIEW] Cyanogenmod 9. it is a custom rom but base is ICS and as it was still in development, most of the things are still stock like.

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    General Re: ICS vs Ginger Bread

    Wow i am late , everyone are updating to ICS ! Today i updated to gingerbread from froyo on my optimus black ! Lg has promised ICS to optimus black as well , i will only update if it improves battery life .
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    General Re: ICS vs Ginger Bread

    Like every other Android release,it is buggy and overhyped.
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    General Re: ICS vs Ginger Bread

    so wats new in ics
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    General Re: ICS vs Ginger Bread

    Quote Originally Posted by red dragon View Post
    Like every other Android release,it is buggy and overhyped.
    Yeah ...Android Itself is overhyped.!
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