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Thread: X8 Rooting

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    General X8 Rooting

    i hav a sony ericson X8 and it is very slow at times and hangs regularly. Would rooting it solve the problem? and how do i root it

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    General Re: X8 Rooting

    Rooting is not the straightforward Way to Boost speed of your phone but for sure you can claim some serious phone memory alongwith cleaning up bloatwares that comes pre installed with phone which might help to improve performance.

    Consider Sam's Guide In this section for rooting your phone.
    Links provided by Techfreak just above.
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    General Re: X8 Rooting

    [REF] ALL ROMS | ROOTING. this is for X8. read a few links in the thread.

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    General Re: X8 Rooting

    The best I can recommend is, MiniCM7 2.1.9. by nAa. It is basically CM7 with with nAa's editing. It is the best Custom ROM out there for X8 ( or even for E10, U20i).

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    General Re: X8 Rooting

    I ould also suggest u to get the custom kernel by nAa. It has quite a number of advantages over the stock kernel.
    There are no FC s or slow ups in the mobile. The speed will be very good. (Though in new condition... sony's stock UI is also very snappy). what is doesnt improve a lot is its battery life(especially if you use internet all the time). If you are ok with the current battery back up... you would be happier with this one.

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