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Thread: burn iso on pen drive

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    General Re: burn iso on pen drive

    I guess this helps...

    Will keep you posted for more later..
    rep me if this was helpful(i know it sounds cheap, but anyway.. )
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    OK..ok..... Ads are bad.. ;)

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    General Re: burn iso on pen drive

    thanks a lot guys..............................i tried eveythin but it does not work.....ne ways thanks a lot..

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    General Re: burn iso on pen drive

    there is one more way by which u can copy the contents of bootable part in the pen drive but it does not work for all kind of iso files.
    if the image file on booting up loads the files in a: drive i.e. generally the win 98 or win me cd do the same thing... then u can copy the files from A:/ to your hard disk and then again start u r os and copy those files to your pen drive with the other available folders on the image file.
    But this method works only if the booting up uses the emulation and A:/ is used by it while booting up from the cd.
    by the way what image file do you have n u want to copy??

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    General Re: burn iso on pen drive

    In fact, you can dorectly burn iso to dvd disc to play on your home dvd player, it's very converience

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    General Re: burn iso on pen drive

    1. Download and install UltraISO trial.

    2. Plug in your pen drive.

    3. Open UltraISO as Administrator (right-click shortcut, "Run as Administrator")

    4. Open the CD/DVD image file you want to write to pendrive in this instance of UltraISO (File>Open).

    5. Under the Bootable menu, select Write Disk Image.

    6. A new dialog should open up, listing your pen drive(s).

    7. Select the pendrive you want to write your image to.

    8. Set the Write Method to USB-HDD (or USB-HDD+ if your BIOS supports it).

    9. Click the Write button, and then click Yes/OK in the warning dialog (All data on this drive will be destroyed ....... do you want to continue) that pops up.

    8. Sit back, relax and enjoy a drink.
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