Dual boot ubuntu with windows 8 Dual boot ubuntu with windows 8

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Thread: Dual boot ubuntu with windows 8

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    General Dual boot ubuntu with windows 8

    I installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS alongside widows 8 recently. After completing the installation my laptop directly booted into windows 8 and there was no sign of ubuntu. after that I used easy bcd to add ubuntu to add it to boot menu. I got option to start ubuntu. I selected that option but after that it showed an error which read something like' install cd for repair - there might be some with the file blah blah'. So i reinstalled ubuntu with custom installation but still it didn't work. I tried all those boot repair in ubuntu but still no result. If anyone there can help pleaseeeeeeeeeee help
    My laptop is hp pavilion g6 2202tx, with uefi.

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    General Re: Dual boot ubuntu with windows 8

    Give this a read. You should have a 64-bit installer to install in EFI mode. You may also need to disable quick boot from the BIOS.
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    General Re: Dual boot ubuntu with windows 8

    Which version of Ubuntu you installed on your system ?? 32 bit or 64 bit ??
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    General Re: Dual boot ubuntu with windows 8

    welcome to the new world of UEFI bios.i first faced this bios about a week ago with a friend's G6-2230TX & after spending ~2 hours learned about all there is to know about such bios.first hp G-6 series(in my experience) gives priority to UEFI over MBR/old/normal bios meaning any 64-bit OS will automatically install by partitioning the hdd using GPT style instead of the usual MBR style.if you use usb to install windows 7/8 then again it will fail because usb tool by default format usb in NTFS & UEFI bios only reads from FAT format drives.easyBCD has lots of issues in UEFI & only the latest version(2.2 or later) supports UEFI & any version before that will corrupt your UEFI boot entries.long story short if you don't know about UEFI bios & trying to install any OS other than windows 7/8(64bit) then stop right there & spend time reading about it on both windows & linux/ubuntu forums.
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