Shortcut Key to Turn off Laptop Monitor Shortcut Key to Turn off Laptop Monitor

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Thread: Shortcut Key to Turn off Laptop Monitor

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    Unhappy Shortcut Key to Turn off Laptop Monitor

    I have a Compaq Presario (AMD) 2105US Laptop. Bought it 4 years back and the Battery ran out 2 years back. Haven't replaced the battery yet and have been running the laptop on direct power every since.

    Probably because of that, in the last 4-5 months, i have been having some severe display issues. The screen goes for a toss now and then when any screen with little extra colors is opened up. I have tried every trick in the book and even online chat sessions with HP support staff for correcting the issue and nothing has solved the problem.

    When fiddling with my power options I had set my Monitor power to be turned off in 1 minute when idle. That helped a bit. When the monitor powers off , and then i move my mouse the regular screen returns. So I kept that setting and everytime such an issue happened, I just left the comp idle for a minute and monitor would switch off and I would continue. Lately the display garbing out has increased in frequency and happens once every 10 minutes or so.

    So waiting for one minute has become a pain.
    Is there a shortcut key in Windows XP / Can a Short cut be configured using the Registry to switch off the laptop monitor using a Keyboard Key. I searched the net but mostly the suggestion was to use a third party program to acheive it. Can it be done with a tweak instead of installing a program?

    Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.


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    General Re: Shortcut Key to Turn off Laptop Monitor

    there must me a key/button thet gets pressed when u close the lid.. locate that and push it manually for a few seconds.. may be this will help..

    also check the power adaptor.. it might not pe providing good quality power to the laptop...hence the display trouble.. there could be overheating issues too(with the LCD chip) feel the lcd all around and find the hot area if any on/behind the screen.

    i have a Compaq Presario v2000 series based laptop and it has a small button on the top right of the keyboard that turns off the monitor...

    but there will be trouble that this button just turns off the power to the backlight of the laptop screen and does not switch it off...(just like in cellphones)

    get a software like powerstrip, i think it must be having shortcuts to screen saver n stuff..let me go google

    take a look at: (google->shortcut to power off monitor)

    hopefully something above will solve ur problem.. i searched everything on the net.
    Kool.. do tell me if u solve ur problem and my advise is insted to look for a way around try and find the root of the trouble.. u might fry/damage ur laptop if somethingis wrong with ur power supply...if u dont have an extra power adaptor go to some hardware retailer and ask him to let u test ur notebook with a new one before u buy it..


    i looked at ur product here
    use this battery test by compaq(lol it says ur battry life should be 300 charge cycles / 1 year)
    Battery health center(callibrating ur battery)

    wew!!! that was a lot of stuff....
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    General Re: Shortcut Key to Turn off Laptop Monitor

    Thanks man.
    Will go through everything u have suggested.
    Appreciate the effort.


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