iPhone DOOMed !!! iPhone DOOMed !!!

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Thread: iPhone DOOMed !!!

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    Thumbs up iPhone DOOMed !!!

    Yes.. its true... DOOM is successfully executed on iPhone albeit not properly... give it some time and maybe it will be a competitor to portable gaming devices

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    General Re: iPhone DOOMed !!!

    I thought doom 3.

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    Red face Re: iPhone DOOMed !!!

    I was even wondering Doom 3 though its not possible.
    If the thing is Doom 1 then i have already been playing it on my mobile since more than a year.
    All Windows Mobile Phone Decives can play doom since years.
    For all i know iPhone is way behind the competition.
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    General Re: iPhone DOOMed !!!

    no doom 3 ......... only d1 ........ whot abt wolf3d, alladin etc ......... still limited games ......
    ... W H O T ...

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